Smiling on the Surface, Clenching on the Inside

“With an open mind (and an open mouth), let’s dive deep into the physical and emotional body to discuss the major contributors of jaw pain and I promise, the most common causes will not be what you were expecting.”


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An Appetite For Yoga

For the sake of mental, spiritual, and physical health though, I want to dive into the depths of yoga to help spread the ripple effect. When guided and given the prompts to identify why yoga is fulfilling you, I know it will become much more of a lifestyle change instead of a few month bank account splurge. If you’re not ready to take the plunge into yoga yet, here is my interpretation of why yoga has become so popular, in what ways it serves its students, and what its doing to satisfy a “hungry” society so that you may want to experiment with these benefits for yourself.

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Taste The Rainbow, Without Skittles

“I tried combining two styles of eating that are popular in the holistic world; high vibrational foods and chakra balancing foods. Neither are best selling books backed with loads of research, but both dietary themes offer a deeper connection with food and give you an overall feeling of health and spirituality. Many of the foods are found on guidelines for clean eating via vegetarian and autoimmune dietary plans so even without a textbook, you’ll just sense how well you’re treating your body.”

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“I am one of Tulsa’s newest sports chiropractors and although I treat lower leg issues every day, truly fixing an athletic injury almost always comes back to the spine. The spine is an amazing portal of information to locate joint or motor control issues in distant joints so how is it that the most fundamental structure in our body is often overlooked when treating athletic injuries? Chiropractors spend years studying the importance of the spine and its lead role in all that we do because without it, no athletic movements would be possible.”



The section of my scope of practice that undoubtedly evolves the fastest is the nutrition pillar.  Fad diets, nutrition books, and supplement propaganda are at an all-time high and it’s my job to pick through the material and relay what supports my health platforms to patients. So as the consumer and the easily influenced, what information should you trust?

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